Friday, July 30, 2010

Change is good, is happening, and about time.

So there is this concept of an Urban Triangle floating around the Valley. I have taken some excerpts from a Blog by Matthew Petro that defines the idea. Downtown Mesa is included in the idea seemingly as an after thought due to the decision to bring light rail into our core. The Urban Triangle is of course Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale because they are the usual players. If you read the blog you will see that a commenter replaces Scottsdale with Mesa. I know, that is an outrageous thought - after all look at what Downtown Scottsdale has to offer versus what Downtown Mesa has to offer. But... you have to admit the potential for Downtown Mesa is right at our feet.
I agree with the commenter that we have one of the most underrated Downtowns in the Phoenix Metro area. Let's not miss the memo this time on TOD (Transit oriented development). I say get on Board this train, own it and change with the times.

Thanks Matthew for sparking the conversations!
Here's the link to the blog:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Take me out to the Ball game via light rail Mesa?

There is finally some talk about Downtown being an option for the Cubs stadium. I always thought it was a likely choice but was told by former powers that be in Downtown that it would never be a discussion. Of course I wanted to know why and the answer was the idea died when Hohokam was built down the road. I continued to conversation with others and many were on the same page as I was/am... times have changed or at least should!

The Tribune's article today confirms that Downtown may be back on the table for a stadium location. Here are some excerpts from the article "The Chicago Cubs are scouting a growing number of locations across Mesa for a spring training complex, including along the light-rail line downtown. The new locations could dramatically change the character of the complex, as a downtown spot would call for a denser, more urban development.
A downtown location would also revive an idea born in the 1990s, when Mesa was planning to rebuild Hohokam Stadium for the Cubs and had considered moving the team to 40 acres of land it owns downtown. Supporters of the idea said it would transform the downtown, but the team stayed in Hohokam.
Light rail wasn’t part of the equation back then. It will arrive downtown in 2016 and has sparked renewed interest. Mesa’s 40 acres on the southwest corner of Mesa and University drives are several blocks from light-rail access, but the city is looking at plans that could involve using land that’s now privately owned to take better advantage of the transit line.
“If there were property available, we’d like to see the stadium as close to light rail as possible,” City Manager Chris Brady said."

I know someone will wake me up but this dream is kinda sweet - people getting off the light rail train at the stop just east of Center and walking through our beautiful Downtown to see a game, then heading to the micro brewery for an after game drink, all the while commenting that they should have taken advantage of the opportunities in Downtown Mesa before it became the place to be and be seen.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mesa partied like a rock star this past weekend... really!

I've been checking out blogs about our great Downtown and the party we had on Friday and Saturday night in celebration of this great country we live in. Here is one of the comments....
"Did you make it downtown? If you didn't, you missed out. I took my older girls on Friday night for a mommy daughter date. It was the best. Playing in water, holding exotic birds, dancing in the street to live music. Then on Saturday night we enjoyed the downtown fireworks from a nearby empty lot. In my opinion, it really couldn't be much better. I thought Mesa did a wonderful job on this event. We will be looking forward to it again next year. Great job Mesa, you made me proud."

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Arizona Celebration of Freedom

The inaugural event was held Fri and Sat and made me feel proud to be a part of Mesa. The event has a real home town feel with Main Street closed and people milling around checking out motorcycles on Friday night, and classic cars on Saturday evening. There we history lessons, water slides, watermelon eating contest, patriotic tributes and fireworks, of course.

This is event is going to be held every year the weekend before the Fourth of July. If you made it out and think there was something missing, let us know. If you didn't I am not sure how to relay how different this event is then any other Fourth of July celebration I have been to in Arizona. Having grown up a few decades ago I can tell you that it felt like things used to feel.... a community celebration. Community is hard to find these days and I think Downtown Mesa hit the nail on the head these past two days.