Friday, May 1, 2015

Love Letter To Mesa❤️: Amy Del Castillo

Amy Del Castillo is the co-owner of Lulubell Toy Bodega in Downtown Mesa, Arizona and online toy manufacturers and distributors.

Previously located in Tucson, Amy has always wanted to move Lulubell to the Phoenix Metro area. She visited the downtowns of Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa and kept coming back to Mesa's downtown. She loved Mesa; the appearance, the feeling, and even though she did not know anyone else, she could just picture it as home. She loved the small town feel, the community, the look, and saw a tremendous potential in the area. 

Amy loves to be a part of things; making them happen and didn't see a better fit anywhere else. She knew it would take time and she was prepared for the challenge with the Central Mesa Light Rail construction beginning at the same time she moved her business to Mesa. She was optimistic that the Light Rail would ultimately be a great asset.

NEDCO's (Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation) business assistance helped Lulubell Toys during the light rail construction. She says, "being a small business with no staff, the NEDCO assistance was a lifesaver!"

Her business mission is to bring art of all kinds to Downtown Mesa and have a place for all kinds of artists to be.

Amy is invested in Mesa. She bought a house here and is putting down roots. For her, the best thing about number one, is the people. She has made new best friends here, her business neighbors have become partners in positive change and they help motivate each other. Together, they are all invested in making Mesa's Downtown an amazing place.

Now when she hears about another new business opening on Main or an ice cream shop opening she exclaims, "yes! It is so exciting now! It is like Christmas every day!" 

Amy has found Mesa to be a community where like-minded people with different backgrounds and interests can all come together. She thinks we can create a friendly, down to earth and supportive neighborhood.

Amy's Love Letter to Mesa: "I love the Community!"

Find out more about Lulubell Toy Bodega located at 128 W Main Street in Downtown Mesa:

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